Air Sanitizers

Relux Medic Introducing its new Air sanitizing Spray which fights against COVID-19 Virus, will help keep you to keep your surroundings and your loved ones away from all type known and unknown germs like bacterias & virus. Our Air sanitizing spray disinfects and deodorize your surroundings. Relux Air Sanitizer can be used on various hard & soft surfaces and also on skin which kills 99.9% germs.
Available in Jasmine, Floral, Plain Fragrances

" Spray anywhere & Sanitize everywhere "

Disinfectant Spray

Its Our Unique All in One Spray which can be used to Disinfect also can be used as Kitchen Cleaner and Glass Cleaner Cum Shiner with Sandal Frangrance.
All in One Household Disinfectant.